Your own on-line ordering tool

Start offering easy and commission-free online orders


The order tool allows you to choose the payment platform of your choice.

Generate discount coupons to build customer loyalty quickly and easily.

Whether it’s pick-up or delivery, you can offer the delivery options that best suit your restaurant and manage them from the same application.

You decide on the days and times when your items are available.

Receive scheduled orders and display different products depending on the type of shipment chosen by the customer.

Everything is automated, so you don’t have to worry about turning the daily menus on or off.

All you need is your smartphone, tablet or computer to receive and manage orders.

Know your order history, best-selling products and other data that will help you create more effective marketing and sales strategies.

Do you offer special discounts for frequent customers? Do you need to sell wholesale and retail? This function allows you to display different prices for different types of users.

iPhone 600


Web Site

You will have a fully customised website that fits your needs and those of your customers.

Management App

Manage your orders from a mobile application to simplify your life and keep control wherever you are.


Offer your customers the possibility to order online. Is the order ready? All your customer has to do is pick it up.

Choice of delivery

Decide how to make your delivery.  Set up delivery zones and use your own or a third-party service.

Secure payments

We guarantee security with our certified system. Your customers can pay with complete peace of mind.


Multilingual and available 24/7. Your customers will be able to place orders in advance and pick them up on the specified date.


Define your coverage area and avoid receiving orders from areas you don’t want to manage.

Live changes

Last minute menu changes? Out of stock? Update the menu at any time.

How does it work?

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Configure your restaurant

your strategy

your website

selling online