Custom Scenario Creation

Take advantage of the Plug&Plate platform to plan special promotions on all the products offered by your restaurant using our scenario creation feature.

Interface to create a scenario in the Plug&Plate platform

Customize your scenarios with ease !

Création de scénario

Create your own calendars

By setting up a calendar, you can define the time slots during which your products and promotional offers will be accessible on your online sales site.

Define your delivery location

Define the geographical areas where you make your deliveries.


Région de livraison
Création de scénario

Scenario creation

With Plug&Plate, we provide you with the ability to create customized scenarios, allowing you to fine-tune your offers and promotions according to your needs

Discover features based on scenario usage

Discount coupons

Customize your discount coupons according to the products/formulas available in your restaurant, or by associating the coupon with a specific scenario.

Coupon de réduction
Définition de commande

Order definition

Customize each order placed by your customers by assigning specific rules in line with predefined scenarios.